Summer means beach for many people while for others, summertime is the moment to find yourself in a peaceful heaven. This is so easy to appreciate holidays, having a good time while relaxing.

Everyone can visit Paris and find quiet places with books to boost your energy for September.

Are you wondering where to start? Do not worry, here you will find many ideas to enjoy your free time quietly.


1 – Let’s have a small walk into the Luxembourg Garden, breath the smell of flowers, admire the garden’s colors, look at the statues and sit near the Medicis fountain. At this time, take your book and dive into the emotion of your story, be inspired by your emotion.

2- Now you are so peaceful and you would like to discover another place. Follow me until the Lutetia Hotel where you will discover a Parisian Palace, unavoidable luxury hotel with exceptional cocktails in the Joséphine Bar. Take the time to sip the Signature Blood Mary cocktail, this will allow you to be immersed again by reading your novel.

3- Your day is not over yet without visiting the Garden of the Rodin Museum. You can easily read in a silent place in the middle of a countless of plants, cultivate yourself. Indeed, you will discover a lot of sculptures. What’s better than culture, greenery and reading?

You like the guide planned for you but you have no idea what are the best books to bring?

Here is a small book selection to escort you in your cocooning summer holidays.


1 – “La tresse” by Leatitia Colombani: 3 women, 3 destinies, 3 different origins. However, they are linked by courage, determination and their stories as women. No one knows the existence of each other. Without ever knowing it, they will be the heroines of each for eternity. It is worth remembering that we are not alone. A deeply feminine book, full of humanity. Powerful and Emotional at the same time.

2- “Changer l’eau des fleurs” by Valérie Perrin: A sad & beautiful life story at the same time. The book offers a complete new set in a novel: the heroine is a guard-graveyard. She shares the story of those who populate her cemetery and families, friends who entomb them. A book with an indisputable soul. It is a book that calms our days.

3- « Le Fabuleux voyage de Maya » by Karen Merran’s: Maya will become friend with a homeless person and try with her naivety and innocence to help by offering different activities. It’s a beautiful book by its lightness, like a comedy we like for a break from an intense Week.

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